Coronavirus, Funerals, and Bagpipes
2 April 2020

Because of COVID-19, much of our daily life has been uprooted... including funeral arrangements.

Please note, should you desire me to perform at your loved one’s service, I am accepting bookings with some limitations.

Across our region, funeral homes are adhering to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, as well as state and local mandates.

Funeral homes are allowing private, family-only services in their chapels and/or graveside services with no more than 10 people present. Some funeral homes are not having chairs present at graveside, allowing for proper social distancing.

I've seen a few funeral homes offering to livestream services via their Facebook page. I predict this will become an established practice continuing after the epidemic has subsided.

According to the Veterans Administration, the rendering of military funeral honors has been discontinued until further notice. Please note, in the absence of a military bugler, I can perform TAPS live on the pipes.

Bagpipes are loud and the sound travels for some distance. As a result, at graveside, I can perform from an extended distance (100-150 ft) from family members. This exceeds current inter-personal distance guidelines and places no one at risk of spreading the illness.

An alternative is conducting the funeral service within current boundaries and then scheduling a memorial service in the near future when the threat from the epidemic has passed. I have clients who already have done exactly that and are very pleased to know that option is available.

Kind regards,
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