Bagpipes, Funerals, and Coronavirus Updates
23 May 2020

Should you desire me to perform at your loved one’s service, I continue to accept bookings.

I have observed that funeral homes in Tennessee and surrounding states no longer are limiting service attendance to 10. A majority of attendees are not wearing masks.

At the beginning of the epidemic, funeral homes removed their chapel's seating, leaving enough for 10 attendees. Chairs at graveside were eliminated altogether because of difficulties in disinfecting the chairs. This practice continues to be observed. Some families are providing their own.

Funeral homes are offering livestream video of services, or recordings for distribution.

In March, the Veterans Administration announced the rendering of military funeral honors suspended for the duration of the viral crisis. The VA states families will be able to schedule military committal services at later dates after the epidemic has subsided.

A great alternative to piping at funeral services is 1st conducting the funeral service within current limitations. Then scheduling me to pipe at a memorial service in the near future when the threat has passed. I have clients who already have done that and were quite pleased to know that alternative is available.

This too shall pass,
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